Spark Mi™

Redefine the Measuring Experience

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Spark Mi looks like an ordinary tabletop mirror, but it is actually a measurement tool. Your client looks in the mirror wearing their glasses, you simply click, and Spark Mi captures the image.




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Just the one picture is all that’s needed for computerized measuring of all the required parameters, with precision accuracy.








And sunglasses pose no problem. Spark Mi clearly sees the client’s pupils even through dark lenses, making measuring as accurate and easy as with clear lenses.








You can say goodbye to gadgets, rulers, and customer discomfort. Measuring for new glasses is now quick, easy, comfortable and precise.



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  • Spark Mi automatically measures near and far PD
  • Mono PD
  • FH
  • Frame Box (A, B, ED)
  • DBL
  • BVD, Panorameter & Pantoscopic tilts

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